Virunga 55 with Caramelised Almonds 50g

Virunga 55 with Caramelised Almonds 50g

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Our roasted almonds are crystallised in sugar and sea salt, then sprinkled onto our single-origin dark milk chocolate from Virunga, a national park in Eastern Congo. This chocolate is grown and harvested only by the women of Virunga. 

We source this cocoa from Original Beans, who founded the world’s first women cacao cooperative, Femmes de Virunga, in November 2016. The Virunga National Park is one of the most stunning and naturally abundant regions in the world. However, its home in the Eastern Congo has endured centuries of war, poverty, famine and exploitation. Sadly, it is one of the most brutal places to be born a woman. An Original Beans initiative supports the women of Virunga to become local leaders in the cocoa renaissance. In addition to founding the world’s first female cocoa-cooperative, more than a quarter of a million cocoa trees and 40,000 shade trees have been planted. Proof that beauty can emerge from the darkness.

Purchasing this product empowers the Femmes de Virunga through literacy courses, leadership trainings, a women-directed local radio programme and a variety of entrepreneurial activities.


Far and away the best chocolate I've ever had, incredible flavour, incredible story and communication with the staff is great and they're very friendly. Highly recommend as a special treat!"

Shaun Evans

If you want something special as a gift for a chocolate lover - this is your place. Also look out for the packages with Gusbourne champagne - really good value. After sales care is excellent."

Alexander Loh

WOW! what delicious chocolates. I joined one of the chocolate tasting events where I learnt so much about the different chocolates, their origins, and how to taste chocolate. This opened my eyes to the delicate flavour notes of different chocolates."

Christie Nelson

Chocolate that tastes as complex as the journey taken to produce! Passionately made by the extremely friendly and incredibly knowledgable Cartografie.
Will definitely be coming back!"

Mr B Milburn