Gusbourne Sparkling Rosé 2016 & Cartografie Beurre Noisette White Chocolate Collection

£59.00 £39.00

The perfect celebration, ‘thank you’, or date night box collection. This collaboration brings the world-class wine making prowess of Gusbourne together with our beautiful single origin, single bean, beurre noisette ganache filled white chocolates. There isn’t a more exciting wine making region in the world right now that the U.K. and Gusbourne are at the forefront of this movement. Their sparkling 2016 rosé is a perfect balance of elegance, luxury and freshness – read more about it here.

We’re partnering this beautiful sparkling wine with a Cartografie box containing 4 of our hand-crafted ganache filled white chocolates. We source this chocolate from Original Beans, with the cocoa butter coming from the single origin of the Yuna Valley in the Dominican Republic. We fill this chocolate with a ganache made from salted beurre noisette. The perfect treat for the one you love most!

At Cartografie we make fresh filled chocolates with lower amounts of sugar and fat than often found in other chocolate, this being the case, we have a shorter ‘best before’ date than other chocolatiers and we always recommend consuming our chocolates within 1-2 weeks of receiving the box.

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