Easter Collection – The toasted, buttered hot cross bun edition


The Easter collection.
4 shells of our Mache Chindul 65% chocolate from Ecuador filled with a toasted, buttered hot cross bun ganache.
4 discs of pure Mache Chindul 65% chocolate from Ecuador, seasoned with a crumb of hot cross bun crisped in beurre noisette and sea salt.

The Mache Chindul is a mountainous ecological reserve in Ecuador. Home to rare tree frogs, as well as a large and diverse flaura and fauna population. A history of deforestation and trophy hunting has plagued the forests of the region, but structured farming and agricultural practices have taken over, including cocoa farming. The cocoa nurseries of the region grow a huge number of cocoa trees, including modern hybrids and old traditional varieties like the rare Arriba Nacional which is represented in this chocolate we’re using. This is a region firmly in a state of resurrection, with Original Beans supporting reforestation, cacao-agroforestry and protecting hundreds of hectares of biodiverse forest. We think this cocoa is a perfect representation of what we stand for at Cartografie whilst being a fitting celebration of Easter.

At Cartografie we make fresh filled chocolates with lower amounts of sugar and fat than often found in other chocolate, this being the case, we have a shorter ‘best before’ date than other chocolatiers and we always recommend consuming our chocolates within 1-2 weeks of receiving the box.

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