Cartografie Hot Chocolate – Single Origin Arhuaco Ancestral Lands, Colombia


Our Single Origin Hot Chocolates celebrate the purity of a single variety of cocoa grown in some of the most beautiful places on earth. This cocoa comes from the Arhuaco people of Colombia and comes directly to us from Original Beans.

Forced into the highlands for centuries by conquistadores, settlers and the coca wars, the Arhuaco indigenous community has recently returned to their ancestral lands and sacred sites at the Caribbean shores of La Lengüete.

Here, they are initiating the revival of a select tribal cacao culture that was almost extinguished hundreds of years ago when outsiders mistakenly thought a rare white cacao was infected and cut the trees. Luckily, some old cacao trees survived in the shade of the wilderness and the Arhuacos recently started to harvest their precious cacaos again. One they named “Businchari” which means “new beginning” – and that’s exactly how the Arhuaco view their work.

The flavour of this hot chocolate is pure dark, spicy and intense cocoa with slight notes of sesame and cinnamon.

Each tin contains 250g of pure chocolate flakes.