Mache Chindul 42 with Caramelised Hazelnuts and Sea Salt 50g

Mache Chindul 42 with Caramelised Hazelnuts and Sea Salt 50g

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This beautiful cocoa is sourced from Mache Chindul: the last coastal cloud forest of Ecuador, the replenisher of rivers and a haven for plants and wildlife. Whilst small communities within the nature reserve, alongside Ecuador’s boom in hybrid cocoa, contribute to its deforestation, the remoteness of the Mache Chindul protects their precious heirloom Arribas Nacional pod. We pair this silky milk chocolate with roasted, caramelised hazelnuts with sea salt.



Far and away the best chocolate I've ever had, incredible flavour, incredible story and communication with the staff is great and they're very friendly. Highly recommend as a special treat!"

Shaun Evans

If you want something special as a gift for a chocolate lover - this is your place. Also look out for the packages with Gusbourne champagne - really good value. After sales care is excellent."

Alexander Loh

WOW! what delicious chocolates. I joined one of the chocolate tasting events where I learnt so much about the different chocolates, their origins, and how to taste chocolate. This opened my eyes to the delicate flavour notes of different chocolates."

Christie Nelson

Chocolate that tastes as complex as the journey taken to produce! Passionately made by the extremely friendly and incredibly knowledgable Cartografie.
Will definitely be coming back!"

Mr B Milburn